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Post Award
Grant Management (45 C.F.R. 75)

If you are the recipient of a federal grant of any kind, there is a great deal of information that your organization will need in order to be successful stewards of federal funds. With BDA’s library you will have all the tools you need to successfully address scope of services changes and meet the provision deadlines set before you.  

BDA Post Award Grant Management

Users will enjoy access by responding to one of BDA’s many informative, automatic reminder notifications in their calendar or by opening a scheduled report with active links and purposeful data.  They can also simply log in and experience BDA’s powerful “Search” and “Find” functionality that helps them get to the exact file, document or attachment they’re looking for easily and accurately. 



  • Provisions and Obligations Risk Management & Assessments

  • Configurable Dashboards

  • MSA’s and Subordinate Scopes of Services

  • Notice of Award and Service Agreement Import & Export

  • Grant Lifecycle History

  • Renewal Management

  • Standard, Custom, Saved and Shared Reports

  • Attachment Management

  • Important Dates Management

  • Grantor/Grantee Relationship Management

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