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It might be an easy service agreement, or it could be a very complex multi-component agreement involving a wider set of users and requirements. BDA offers both. Initiating and managing contract approvals will expand effective contract management while leveraging request and approval workflow features to improve collaboration and expand the volume and accuracy of data harvesting in your organization.

General and Custom Automated Workflow

The ability to create contracts dynamically takes contract management to the next level. Empower users through self-service and clause library access to create and organize contracts based on clause groups, and best-in-class contract blueprints. Pre-signature reviews and assessments are easily performed in order to assure your organization is realizing the most favorable terms possible.  



  • Standard and Custom Request Forms and Action Processes

  • Contract and Vendor Risk Scoring Roll-Ups

  • Provisions and Obligations Risk Management & Assessments

  • Configurable Dashboards

  • MSA’s and Subordinate Agreements

  • Contract Import & Export

  • Lifecycle History

  • Renewal Management

  • Standard, Custom, Saved and Shared Reports

  • Attachment Management

  • Important Dates Management

  • Vendor/Contact Relationship Management

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