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Healthcare Contract Lifecycle Management 


Creators of the Healthy Contracts CLM Healthcare Contract Management Solution

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Continuum of Healthcare CLM

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Multipurpose Agreement
Management (MAM)
Master & Subordinate Agreements (MSA)
Vendor & Contact Relationship Management (CRM)
Insurance Policy and Certificates Management (PCOI)
Focus Arrangements Management
Post Award Grant Management
(45 C.F.R. 75)
Business Associate Agreement
Management (BAAM)
General and Custom Automated Workflow for Healthcare
Relationship Risk Management
Our Services
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For The Record

November 1, 2021

BDA Announces "Lighthouse White Paper for Value-Based Arrangements" Read more >

August 1, 2020

BDA Announces the Release of "Variable Table Data" in Healthy Contracts CLM for Healthcare. Read more >

August 1, 2020

Epiphany Dermatology Selects BDA's Healthy Contracts CLM. Read more >

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